FHA Release of Information

I authorize and direct any Federal, State, or local agency, organization, business, or individual to release to for participation, and/or to maintain my continued assistance under the Section 8, Rental Rehabilitation, Low-Income Public and Indian Housing, and/or other housing assistance programs. I understand and agree that this authorization or the information obtained with its use may be given to and used by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in administering and enforcing program rules and policies. I also consent for HUD or the PHA to release information from my file about my rental history to HUD credit bureaus, collection agencies, or future landlords. This includes records on my payment history, and any violations of my lease or PHA policies.

I understand that depending on program policies and requirements, previous or current information regarding me or my household may be needed. Verifications and inquiries that may be requested, include but are not limited to:

Identity and Marital Status Medical or Child Care Allowances

Employment, Income, and Assets Credit and Criminal Activity

Residences and Rental Activity

I understand that this authorization cannot be used to obtain any information about me that is not pertinent to my eligibility for and continued participation in a housing assistance program.

The groups or individuals that may be asked to release the above information (depending on program requirements) include but not limited to:

Previous Landlords

(including Public Housing Agencies) Courts and Post Offices

Law Enforcement Agencies Support and Alimony Providers

Past and Present Employers Welfare Agencies

State Unemployment Agencies Social Security Administration Medical and Child Care Providers

Veterans Administration Retirement Systems Banks and other Financial Institutions

Credit Providers and Credit Bureaus Utility Companies

I understand and agree that HUD or the Public Housing Authority may conduct computer matching programs to verify the information supplied for my application or recertification. If a computer match is done, U understand that I have a right to notification of any adverse information found and a change to disprove incorrect information. HUD or the PHA may in the course of its duties exchange such automated information with other Federal, State, or local agencies, including but not limited to: State Employment Security Agencies; Department of Defense; Office of Personnel Management; the U.S. Postal Service; the Social Security Agency; and State welfare and food stamp agencies. The Head of Household may view the EIV information for all family members.

I agree that a photocopy of this authorization may be used for the purposes stated above. The original of this authorization is on file with the PHA and will stay in effect for a year and one month from the date signed. I understand I have a right to review my file and correct any information that I can prove is incorrect.

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