Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program

The Housing and Urban Development/Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program (HUD/VASH) was designed to address the needs of the most vulnerable homeless veterans. Veterans must be VA Health Care eligible, homeless, and participate in case management services in order to obtain and sustain permanent independent community housing.

Qualified veterans receive services to resolve current homelessness and prevent future homelessness, including intensive case management and access to a HUD/VASH voucher to substantially reduce housing costs.

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Housing Assistance Details

HUD has provided Housing Choice Section 8 Vouchers (designated for HUD/VASH) to the Fayetteville Housing Authority to assist with rental payments.
The program’s goal includes promoting maximal veteran recovery and independence to sustain permanent housing in the community for the veteran and their family.
Families issued a HUD/VASH Voucher have at least 120 days to search for a unit.
Families issued a HUD/VASH voucher may move under portability when approved.

Program Requirements

Veterans’ homeless status must be verified and determined by the HUD/VASH admissions committee and must meet income guidelines.
Homeless veterans and their families are referred to the Fayetteville Housing Authority by our local HUD/VASH Program Coordinator (see contact info below).
Veterans must agree to participate in case management in order to receive a HUD/VASH Voucher.
HUD/VASH assistance may be terminated if the family refuses, without good cause, to participate in required case management as verified by the VAMC.

How do I apply?

Contact Amy Cash to apply for HUD VASH assistance!

Amy Cash, LCSW, HUD VASH Supervisor
479-443-4301 ext. 65631 or
479-444-4004 (HUD VASH secretary)