Briefing Video Self-Certification

I have read the Briefing Video Self-Certification.

The PHA will conduct a mandatory briefing to ensure families know how the program works. The briefing provides a broad description of owner and family responsibilities, PHA procedures, and how to lease a unit. Applicants are required to participate and return all needed documents as a prerequisite to determining eligibility.

For the Briefing Video, The Fayetteville Housing Authority has provided you with the following forms:

  • Rent Calculations: Total Tenant Payment & Rental Payments
  • Payment Standards Information
  • Family Obligations
  • Explanation of Portability
  • Deconcentration Information
  • Is Fraud Worth It? HUD
  • HUD‐5380 & HUD-5382 (VAWA Occupancy Rights & Certification)
  • PHA Informal Review & Hearing Requirements
  • 4 Booklets: A Good Place to Live, Protect Your Family From Lead, Are you a Victim of Discrimination?, & Fair Housing-Equal Opportunity for All
  • Request for Tenancy Approval (Form HUD‐52517)
  • Tenancy Addendum (Form HUD‐52641A)
  • Unit Listings

By signing below, I certify that I received all forms listed above.  I also certify that I fully reviewed all forms and watched the Briefing Video on the Fayetteville Housing Authority’s website in its entirety.  I furthermore confirm that I understand that if I have any questions, I will contact a Housing Specialist for clarification. 

*WARNING: Section 1001 of Title 18 of the W.S. Code makes it a CRIMINAL OFFENSE to make willful false statements of misrepresentation to any department or agency of the United States as to any matter within its jurisdiction

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