I have read the PDF about Debts Owed to HUD and this is acknowledgement.

The Fayetteville Housing Authority Policies state that no adult person(s) other than those listed on the lease and application shall live/stay in the unit other than on a temporary basis and/or not exceeding two weeks.  This is to ensure that Gross Family Contribution is accurately based on the total monthly gross income of that household unit.

If this situation should arise during the term of the lease, I agree to contact the Housing Authority with additional information.  I realize that failure to do this could result in an eviction, lifetime loss of the Housing Authority programs, repayment of the rent and possible theft and/or fraud charges under state and federal law.

I understand the above statement.  There is no other adult living/staying in the unit now other than whose name is on the application and lease.  I agree to notify the Housing Authority if this should change.

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