Angela Belford

Interim Executive Director

479.521.3850 ext. 115

Laura Higgins

Section 8 Director/Administrative Assistant

479.521.3850 ext. 113

Joy Hunnicutt

Public Housing Director

479.521.3850 ext. 121

Arlethia Patterson

Section 8 Inspector

479.521.3850 ext. 116

Shawntill Roberts

Section 8 Housing Specialist

479.521.3850 ext. 114

Chrystal McPherson

Public Housing Inspector/Assistant

479.521.3850 ext. 112

Janet Ortega

Housing Assistant

479.521.3850 ext. 111

Board Members

Melissa Terry

Chair of the Board

Food Policy Researcher

thru 12/28/19

Kristen Bensinger

NWACC Adjunct Instructor


Debra Humphrey

Resident Board Member

thru 12/28/18

Laurence "Lucky" McMahon


01/03/17 thru 12/28/21

Evelyn Rios Stafford

Business Owner/Marketing



The Board elects their own members, who are then confirmed by the City Council.

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Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
Housing Authority Board Contact
Melissa Terry
Phone: 479.521.3850